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Christian Life Coaching


Find Your True Purpose In Life

That purpose comes from a special combination of your hidden talents, and passions

Get Crystal Clear On What You Want in Life.

Cut through all the chaos, unnecessary wants and desires in your life, so that you can zero in on whats really important~the goals and dreams that will make you happy.

Build Your Confidence ~ Whatever you do in Life, you'll do it better and with more enjoyment when your confident.

You are enough, we come along side and help you to acknowledge and celebrate those victories, building your courage and confidence to face the bigger challenges in life

Get The Tools You Need To Reach Your Goals

Get Motivated

We all fall into funks for one reason or another, left alone it could years if ever to get back to our old selves.  Sometimes we need a cheerleader to motivate and keep us moving. 

Grow Spiritually

Action, not words that makes things happen, we are here to give you tools and skills you need to accomplish your goals.

Live The Life You've Always Wanted For Yourself

We're not here to heap unrealistic expectations on you.  Rather we want to help you with what you already have (talents & passions) and teach you the skills & abilities to finally get that breakthrough.

Find True Joy

Learn to cultivate joy throughout your personal journey to success, even in the smallest and hardest of tasks.

Follow the examples of Jesus guided bu the Holy Word of God, to grow your heart and mind.

Get The Guidance & Support You Need

We help you stay on track & accountable to your action plan and your deepest values.  As your success grows, your character will grow in stride with it. 

For More Information Contact:

Judy Tripi

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